old friends new enemies

by musclebaby

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recorded in my bedroom on a digital 4 track recorder, sneak peek of things to come later this year.


released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


musclebaby Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Stephanie K
cut your dress alittle bit shorter
you will be class president
learn to hold your alcohol better
you will impress older men

just dont throw Voula aside
she's the only one who knows whats right for you

before you end up sucking the dick
of a 30 year old television star
in a Canadian motel parking lot
in the backseat of his car

please stop treating Arthur like shit
he's got enough on his plate
with every kid at Degrassi Jr High
trying to cum on his sisters face

change your clothes before you go home
you dont your mom to see
Track Name: calvin.
My cousin Calvin's comin into town
we'll talk about wrestling till the sun goes down
he's got a letterman jacket and sells really good pot.

he's got the haircut of a quarterback
he'll grab my arm and twist it behind my back
and demand to hear that I'm much weaker than him.

My cousin's mother is my father's sister
and they disapprove of my life choices
my cousin's father demands to hear
why I never learned to throw a football.

and one day after I start workin out

with a needle in my arm that I found in my high school gym coach's locker.

I'll knock him to the fucking ground
I'll get a trophy with my name on it.
Track Name: Shout At The Devil (part 2)
It's gettin warmer
none of my clothes fit me again
after a winter of depression eating
and self defeating relationships

I'll never get to see a sunrise
I'll never get to ride my bike again

The only way that we'll ever be free
is if we cut off the bosses hands and feet
so that we can sleep for acouple more hours
have the time to listen to Mystikal
and have the time to shower
and bein awake this long has made me real
goddamn mean
a shitty fucking person
I aint use to bein

but vince neil killed his best friend
mine are asleep in the back of the van
Vince Neil killed his best friend
so I guess I aint got it so bad

lets let the boss have his hands and feet
and I'll pretend that I dont need to sleep
I can tough it out for another shitty week
because I still have you

I havent killed you
I havent killed you in a car accident yet(x2)

(he's the one they call dr feelgood
he's staying up all night
he's the one they call dr feelgood
for taking his best friends life)
Track Name: Juggalo Island
I wanna be a savage for the rest of my life
with the garbage (magic) from these tin cans blurring my sight
and I hope to god
that this isn't an STD

I hope my way of living never catches up to me
I wanna take you in
and kiss all of your crooked teeth
and tell you it'll be alright
when your daddy forgets to call you back

This is all I got
but it's all that I really want
and it's all that I need
when The Bravery Boys are asleep next to me

and now I'm 22
digging in an ashtray in your fucking room
now I'm pushing 23
rooting thru the garbage of a Burger King

In your hometown
while my dog dies alone inside your house
in your hometown
while another boy is in your mouth

delirious men
drunk and loud
preaching about those painted clowns
delirious men
drunk and loud
sleeping on the floor at your parents house
delirious men
drunk and loud
screaming about those wicked clowns
delirious men
drunk and loud
eating our meals off the fucking ground.